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 Post subject: Meeting 20 March
PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:33 pm 

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Meeting tonight at Farmer Parr's (Wyrefield Farm) in portakabin hopefully with electricity! 7.00pm


Agenda & Minutes of previous meeting below







Mains Hall

9 AGM & Nominations for Officers

10 AOB:
Action by Secretary
11 DATE OF NEXT MEETING (Annual General Meeting) : 17 April 2013

Minutes of Wyre Archaeology Group Meeting 20 February 2013
Present: P Ashman, B Culshaw-Phillips, K Emery, Pat Emery, D Hammond, D Hampson, Ted Lightbown, H Ricco, B Rigby, M Shaw, Ed Shone, G Thornton.
1. Chairman welcome: Dave Hammond welcomed everyone to the meeting.
2. Apologies for absence: received from, P Asher, Chris Clayton, D Berry, J Fairclough, Carlo Ricco, F Smith, D Whalley, S Whalley, S Tingle.
3. Minutes of last meeting: Minutes of 16 January were approved as correct.

4. Matters arising: a) Website – DH had contacted Brian Hughes to invite him to suggest ideas for website logo but Brian had declined due to continued ill health. DH had sent Brian good wishes of the group.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Gary reported that the account previously stood at £653.21 and that £196.61 had been paid for the printing of 30 Harris & Hughes books on behalf of Fleetwood Museum. This will generate a return of £320 but for the moment the balance stood at £456.60.

6. Executive Committee: Secretary reported that the Executive Committee had met on 19 February. D Hammond, D Hampson, D Berry, B Culshaw-Phillips, C Clayton, B Rigby, FSmith attended. Apologies received from K Emery and G Thornton.
i. Digs: a) Bourne Hill:- 74 trenches opened to date in area of possible round house, 19 over 9 digs leaving 32 to complete entire area of the feature. Nettle patch and ‘mound’ feature are still on priority list; b) Highgate Lane:- Chris had been trying to identify the owners of the field adjacent to the one we had previously excavated. He was hopeful of achieving this shortly; c) ‘Grange Mill’:- Possible excavation along the bridal way adjoining the field. Need to check out with LCC/WBC (SEC); d) Mains Hall:- there had been an approach buy owners some time ago about possible investigation of grounds. Could be an interesting and rewarding site for field walk. Sec to contact owners to ask permission for later in season; e) Danes Pad:- P Iles was in favour of our investigating the postulated route west of Kirkham/ east of reservoir. Frank offered to investigate. These were agreed as excavation sites for the 2013 season with Bourne Hill remaining the priority but excavation here would be interspersed with investigation at the other sites.
ii. Frequency of meetings: Secretary raised question of whether the frequency of meetings should be amended to bi-monthly. Brian suggested that it might be an idea to drop the meetings in November and January (retaining the Christmas Dinner in December). Exec Committee would meet just before the February meeting. No increase in fees for 2013. Agreed to put this to members.
iii. Trips: Paul had suggested that meeting could be supplemented with trips to sites of interest The Exec thought this a good proposal and suggested sites such as Ribchester, Cockersands Abbey or further afield such as Vindolanda. Agreed to put this to members with proposal that supplementary fees would be charged for participants.

Members accepted the recommendations of the Executive Committee with added suggestion of contacts for speakers.

7. Correspondence: a) CBA invitation to attend Winter General Meeting on 2/3 March in York at which there would be a networking event for community archaeology groups; b) Secretary had responded to call from Link Magazine for items for March edition; c) Secretary had contacted P Wright of Blackpool VIth Form College to renew invitation to students. Peter had replied to confirm his continued wishes to be involved and had suggested a meeting later in the current term.

8. Excavation Update: Brian Rigby gave an update on excavations carried out on 18 February. 5 members turned out and after some difficulty in retrieving our reference points a total of 3 trenches (E6, F6, G6) were opened. These were excavated down to the compacted surface; E6 revealing a number of gullies and small holes that were quite dissimilar to the stake holes seen elsewhere. The other trenches while having the same uneven surface were relatively featureless. A small number of finds were recovered including modern glazed pottery, brick, daub, cannel coal and a small flake of flint that was possibly worked. The finds were displayed for members to view.

9. AOB: a) Ted reported that he had been re-examining Yates 1786 map of Lancashire and had noted that there appeared to be a mill labelled as ‘New Mill’ marked on the map close to Wyrefield Farm. He had at first thought it might be Tower Mill out of position but had later discovered a number of Baptismal Records at St Chad’s that showed ‘New Mill’ as the place of residence yet no trace of this location exists currently. This prompted some discussion with some members recalling Brian Hughes mentioning it in one of his blogs some time ago; b) It was suggested that the ’Poulton Elk’ might be used as a logo for our website although there was some thought that this is used by another organisation. Secretary to check this out; c) Hilary and Barbara informed the group that the ‘Car Boot Sale Season’ would probably begin after Easter and that donations would be welcome.

10. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 20 March at 7.00pm in Portakabin/ Dance Studio


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